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News Patch ROA

[SG] David McClung aOfficer posted Apr 2, 17

BPG released a major Patch this afternoon. You can read the Patch Notes here.

Text Chat

[SG] David McClung aOfficer posted Mar 26, 17

Salty has requested that a chat window be added to the website for making it easier to help members with Teamspeak issues and log in problems.
So now for Registared members there is now a chatbox at the bottom of the forums page. It should only be accessible by members.

Team speak no longer supported the ts3 naming convention to a team speak server. So I had to change the name of our server. It is now, the password did not change.

Members who do not remember the password message me from the website.

Darkfall Rise Of Agon

[SG] David McClung aOfficer posted Mar 23, 17

As of today there are 3 actives in the final stages of Beta. I and 2 of my friends (Octman and Bluddy) that played in the orginal Darkfall are now playing and getting our bindings ready for the release date of May 5th.

BPG has Announced that there will be no box cost for the game and that the monthly subscription will be $9.99.

I invite any of the Battle Saints and former member of the Battle Saints to join us at Launch.  In Preparitions of the release I have updated the website resolved some of the issues that have been a problem with the site and increase the teamspeak to 20 seats. I can quickly add more seats if needed.

Also I am working on some automations that will reward financial supporters of the site. First is a icon by your name and the icon changes with more contributions. I have added a ranking for forum posting. as you complete post levels you will be awarded and Forum Rank.

I am still working on completing the automations but some of them are active now.

New Website Theme

[SG] David McClung aOfficer posted Mar 23, 17

Well I have been slowly working on a new look for the website. This is one I put together and got ready for a viewing. Let me know what you think of it. 

In the forums area under the public section we have a spot for website suggestions. 
I would appreciate any and all input as to what you think of this look. 
I chose these colors because it worked well with our original Battle Saints logo and the color of that logo.

Leave me a comments below or in the forums suggestions section if this theme give you any problems.

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